1 All sleds must have factory skis or a minimum of 28-inch skis with a minimum of 2-inch leaf spring arch


2 Must have OEM suspensions up to 1985, can use any OEM suspension and track combination


3 All motors must be 1985 and older and must match sled model


4 Must have tether switch and working


5 Must have working brakes and tail light


6 Clutch guard must be attached


7 Chain guard installed


8 Must have hood /seat /stock fuel tank


9 Must have snow flap and if studded or cleated tracks

Snow flap must be hooked to tunnel so it canít extend more than 2 inches behind sled


10 Sled can have any style or manufacture of carburetors/if the model of the sled comes with one carburetor can

†††† only have 1 carburetor


11 All sleds can be studded with as many as you desire but Canít be more then 3/8 higher then the track?


12 Track canít be taller than .875 tall. Cleated track can be Changed over to a regular track


13 Cleated tracks can not have any broken cleats


14 Must have stock exhaust, if sleds have pipes they will run mod classes