Trail Conditions Diary



Trail Conditions Diary will be updated on a regular basis to give Trail Conditions and Groomer Reports.


Please remember to RESPECT our landowners and stay on the marked trails!!

Riding on our trails is a privilege, not a right.


If anyone is out riding in the area I would appreciate you sending me an email to report where you rode and how it was.


Club trails are closed due to warm temps and lack of snow.
SnowFest for this weekend has been adjusted to a Vintage Show/Grass Drags/Swap Meet on Saturday.
Friday night there will be a Fish Fry from 5-9 with other food available.  Kitchen will be open on Saturday.
Oval Track Racing has been cancelled.

Let it snow, let it snow.  Finally getting enough snow to ride.  Trails are open.
Club will be open this weekend on Friday night (5-9) for a Fish Fry & Saturday and Sunday for Breakfast & Lunch (8-3).
Gas will be available for sale

We received about 3-4 inches of wet snow but with the ground not being frozen the trails are not rideable.  Please respect our land owners and stay off the trails until the ground re-freezes.
SnowFest has been rescheduled for the last weekend in February.  (February 24-26)
There were too many scheduling conflicts with the no snow date.

Unfortunately the rain and warm temps have melted most of the snow and killed the base.  Hopefully the weather will change soon.  We will need a nice storm or several small storms at this point.
A decision on holding the Snow Fest next weekend or pushing it to the no snow date will be made this Saturday and posted on the club website.

Happy New Year Everyone
Conditions around the club are good but deteriorate quickly when you head to lower elevations.  Lyman Run Park is reporting good conditions but no groomers running.
Just a reminder, the clubs annual Snow Fest is scheduled for January 13-15.


The area received warm temps and rain this morning but ended as a light dusting of snow.  Temps are supposed to stay below freezing the next few days which should form a nice base on which to build.